Top 5 travelling apps for teachers

All great travel apps have one thing in common: they all solve a problem you didn’t even realise you had.

Now we all know the success of your school trip hinges on a lot more than the apps on your phone! That said, even the simplest apps can make teachers life on a school tour easier and more relaxing. Apps picked out by teachers as useful or fun for school trips include up to date currency conversion, First Aid Essentials and flight view airport support.

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EA’s top 5 travelling apps for teachers:

1. Currency App – XE Currency
For those strenuous situations when you’re stuck figuring out how much money you’ve spent, XE Currency does the work! It’s a free and easy to use app that lets you convert between currencies and saves the ones you use the most. The app also saves the most up to date conversions for when you’re offline. Although it’s a simple app, it gets the job done.

2. Flight App – FlightView
This excellent app gives you all the handy information you need for tackling airports! Just type in your flight information and the app tells you everything from flight schedules, gate numbers, and even the weather in the destination cities. Likewise, the Airports tab gives you information on directions to the airport and the odds that flights will get delayed.

3. Translation App – Google Translate
We already use Google for basically everything, so why not let them translate for us too! With over 64 languages to translate from, this app helps you get around. Over 15 of these give you the option for verbal translations, so you don’t have to awkwardly try and pronounce the words. Give it a try and test it out before you travel; impress your friends with some new words!

4. WebMD
WebMD is almost like having a doctor at hand 24/7! It’s an app that everyone needs whether you’re travelling or back home. Firstly, the coolest feature is the selection of body parts and symptoms. By choosing where it is that you’re having trouble, the app is able to give you an approximation of what your condition is, how you could have gotten it and measures to make it better. Secondly, this app has a drug, supplement and vitamin database where you can find all sorts of information like uses, side effects, and warnings. And thirdly, it contains a First Aid information tab for medical emergencies. Some extra features include local health listings, and a pill identification tool for spotting which pill is which in case they get mixed. This app is trusty enough to use as a quick opinion when you’re abroad travelling, but remember to confirm with a licensed doctor before taking any drastic measures!

5. Guide App – Triposo
Triposo is a great app to find places to see and things to do in your trips! Explore tabs like sightseeing, eating out, hotels, shopping, education, sports, and more, while you learn more about the city’s history, culture, and language. All of this in an easy to use and visually enticing app! Download the guides before you go on your trip so you can use them on the go without roaming charges!

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